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Trace Your Turkey to the Family Farm That Raised It

Better protein. Better sustainability. Better whole turkey.

Behind every turkey product we make is a commitment to safety and independent, family-owned farms.

In fact, poultry is one of the most sustainable proteins. Not only does it require less feed to produce one pound of body mass of poultry than other livestock but turkey is also one of the most efficient proteins for your body to process making it a truly good efficient choice.

Trace your turkey to see how good feeds good

We don't use growth promoting antibiotics.

We believe that turkeys raised without growth-promoting antibiotics are just better turkeys. By removing growth-promoting antibiotics, we can provide a wholesome product that’s better for our farms and better for us.

All our flocks are raised without growth-promoting antibiotics, and a poultry dietician formulates the feed so it’s properly balanced with important nutrients that are needed most for each phase of life.

Shady Brook Farms® turkey made a commitment to both human and animal health and chose to eliminate the use of all growth-promoting antibiotics in our turkeys beginning in 2014. We were one of the first major turkey brands to make this change. Our veterinarians and farmers are committed to preserving the therapeutic benefits of antibiotics for disease treatment for humans and animals. Accordingly, antibiotics are used only when needed for the treatment or prevention of illness.

Giving people access to good food makes the world a better place.

Poultry is one of the most sustainable proteins. Less feed is needed for poultry than for other livestock to create one pound of body mass. The input to output ratio (feed vs. body mass) of turkey makes it a truly good, efficient choice. Not only that, but turkey is one of the most efficient proteins for your body. Turkey breast meat provides about 26 grams of protein in a 4-ounce portion according to the USDA, and it provides all the essential amino acids your body requires on a daily basis.

All food companies have to meet quality standards. But we go the extra mile to develop new, higher standards for ourselves.

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