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Glenn has been farming his entire life, since the age of seven to be precise, when he began helping his father on what remains today a successful farm raising turkeys and cattle.

"It's not heaven, but you can see it from here. It's a wonderful place to live and raise your family." – Glenn

After his father passed away in 2007, Glenn’s son became his farming partner. He’s proud to continue the family business together with his wife (Kathy), the rest of his children, and all 14 grandkids.


Whether or not you’ve ever wondered where your turkey comes from, you’re certainly at the top of Glenn’s mind.

"At Thanksgiving, when we're sitting around the table with the family, and we have our heads bowed, I wonder how many families are doing the same thing we're doing today and eating one of the turkeys we've produced. Are they enjoying the turkey? Are they thinking about us, who raised it? It's a time when you wish you could meet everybody that you've fed."

Family First

When Glenn speaks, it’s easy to see that his family means the world to him. That’s the thing he loves most about farming; it gives him the opportunity to work alongside and spend time with his family.

Even though his farm has a rich history, at the age 65, Glenn’s much more focused on the future. He enjoys passing his knowledge on to his children and grandchildren, the next generation of farmers. He loves how farming allows him to teach his grandchildren valuable life lessons. “Hard work, how to respect each other, be honest … you know we’ve got a job to do, and we’re gonna have to do it. I have parents who ask me to let their kids work ’cause they saw how the other kids turned out. It makes you proud.”

But that doesn’t mean it’s all work and no play. Glenn is known for creating custom toys for his grandchildren out of things he finds on the farm, as well as a playhouse and a zip line over the farm’s pond.

Modern Farming

Walking around Glenn and Kathy’s farm, it becomes immediately clear that it would be an amazing place to grow up. With Glenn busy innovating new ways to incorporate technology and modern farming practices, it’s also a great place to raise turkeys.

Advancements in farming technology allow Glenn to spend more time with the birds. He works hard to raise the turkeys on his farm without growth-promoting antibiotics, hormones or steroids.

Giving Back

It’s Glenn’s lifelong commitment to farming, that inspired us to send two famous mural artists to Glenn’s farm to give him the gift of “A More Beautiful Barn.”

The custom barn mural represents the family’s rich past, loving present and bright future. Glenn says it best when he talks with us about explaining its significance to his grandchildren when they’re older. “I’m going to explain it to them to always be proud to be a farmer, but also remember that it takes a lot of hard work, sacrifice, and dedication.”

*Turkeys raised with no added Hormones or Steroids. Federal regulations prohibit the use of Hormones or Steroids in poultry. Antibiotics responsibly used only when needed for treatment or prevention of illness.